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that first I would sit and walk you guys through my skincare cupboard and show you Derma Luminous things that are in my current dates and whatnot and just kind of talk about skincare first before we're going into that so I hope that's okay with you and hopefully you guys approve of this systematic system yeah that's gonna be today's video and I wanted to start off by saying that as many of you know I have veDerma Luminous
y very dry very very very very very very very dry and sensitive skin my skin reacts to so many things I'm always scared to try out new products because my skin just freaks out when I comes into contact with certain things if you guys follow me on instagram you will have seen my faces reaction to Derma Luminous ESOP parsley seed mask recently holy crap I just it's very easy for me to get rashes and it's very dependent on what I eat I have kind of like small and tolerances to a lot of food products and bad things junk food in general I find like for example Derma Luminous oDerma Luminous r night I have a burger and a poutine and I woke up Derma Luminous next morning with like a doggy bread rash on my face my my body just very very quickly reacts to what I am putting into as my skin is largely dependent on what I am eating at that time but I have no skin expert I know doctor don't ask me to prescribe you


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